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Organization Culture

To ensure survival and success, all companies in the today’s fast pacing world, has to be innovative, and adopt and adapt to the changes effortlessly. Creation of an innovative mind and its advancement requires the backing of the people within the entity. Organisation culture plays an important role in defining the individual development and the path the company takes into future.

In the words of Schein, organisation culture is “a pattern of basic assumptions – that has worked well enough to be considered valid and, therefore, to be taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think and feel.” It is a group of ideas, beliefs and actions that has been imbibed into the system which is prevalent in the organization on account of its acceptance by the members over the period of time. It is the shared norms of values, vision and mission embraced by the members in their approach to various factors related to work.

For the creation of a positive culture within the entity, the first step is to make the change within oneself. Developing an open mind to the changes and absorbing the best features into oneself can revolutionize the personal outlook towards one’s job. Belief and trust in oneself which is the end product of a positive outlook can diffuse a positive air into the minds of the team.

The efforts of the team must be encouraged by a supportive organization. The task of the management in providing the support to the team in being creative is enormous. Transfer of knowledge requires a good communication system within the entity. A good interaction system within the entity creates a platform for better exchange of views, ideas and knowledge. Exchange of ideas can make the people think innovatively, coming up with new suggestions which can improve the overall performance of the company. The management has to give the employees the freedom to experiment their ideas, thus paving way for creativity within the entity. Freedom to take more risks makes the work more challenging giving the employees better chance for growth. The opportunity to capitalize one’s skills can generate a feeling of loyalty which can succeed in inducing the individual to stay within the company. Cultivating a positive organization culture, thus builds a creative workforce who are capable of exploring new horizons in a conflict-less environment, thereby contributing significant wealth to the company.

In contrast to this, an organization which follows the conventional system will consist of passive employees who remain wary to the changes around them and refuse its introduction into the organization. The absence of newer innovative techniques affects the productivity adversely, damaging the morale of the employees. Fall in the drive makes them defensive to their actions, increasing the chances for conflict. Lack of proper communication adds fuel to the situation, which can lead to industrial unrest.

In short, the presence of a positive organization culture is inevitable to guide the organisation to victory.

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