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Measuring Recruitment

The recruitment of the right staff at the right job determines the quantity and quality of the productivity. The attainment of the short-term, medium term and the long term success of the firm require the company to guarantee effective recruitment. The recruitment process starts from the time a role remains vacant on account of a new task evolvement or the resignation of the existing labour, to the time he begins to make significant contributions to the company. Measures to verify the effectiveness of the recruitment process is vital as it consumes a huge portion of the company’s income which could have otherwise been invested else where for yielding better returns.

Recruitment ROI is a major tool that can help to understand and compare the cost involved and its benefit. It takes into account the direct and indirect costs and compares it with the tangible and intangible benefits. The elements that are to be taken into consideration vary with the person or activity which reaps the income. For an HR manager, the costs initiates on an employee’s decision to quit the organisation making him unproductive from the date of the decision, the severance pay paid to him, the loss in productivity on account of the role being vacant, the stress rate on the existing employees, hit on the customer satisfaction which can influence the morale of the employees, and the cost involved in the actual recruitment process. The benefits begin to take its turn only when the new employee yields productive output and breaks even.

The recruitment manager measures the effectiveness of the recruitment process by comparing the costs involved in recruitment like the expense on calling for new recruits through advertisements, placement agencies, and other sources, the cost of screening the applicants and the background check verification, time and cost involved in interviewing and processing of the application, etc to the actual benefits. The benefits include the number of people applying for the job, number of effective references obtained, the ability to recruit to 100% capacity within the stipulated time period, the speed at which the new recruits break even the cost involved, and the decline in the labour turnover rates.

The effectiveness of the top management lies in its ability to market its image as the ‘best employer to work for’. The ability to pull down the cost to less than or within the amount allocated in the budget is another way of measuring the effectiveness of the top management in the recruitment process. Keeping track of the changes in the technology and processes of the recruitment process and its introduction into the system can help to make the process effective.

The new recruits play a magnificent role in the determination of the effectiveness of the recruitment process. The cost involved can be made good only on the speed at which the employees can adapt themselves to the organisation. Being the best brand ambassadors they can impact the image of the company in the minds of the people. Their quality of work and the innovativeness can improve the chances of adding more business.

The greatest voice in deciding how far the recruitment process has been effective lies in the hands of the customer. Customer surveys can supply the company with the information relating to the areas where the company succeeded or failed in the selection of a candidate. The number of businesses flowing into the organisation is a great determinant of the performance of the recruitment process.

Many elements add to the cost of recruitment. The measuring of the effectiveness of the recruitment process varies with the activity involved and the people who experience the impact. A carefully planned and well designed selection process can add to the market value of the organisation.

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