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Role Analysis

For identifying the expected performance from a person in an organization, we have to know his/her role properly. While job description is a list of activities, role description of a person is a complete data which defines performance along with competencies. 


1. First of all, we define the number of persons with whom the role occupant interacts on day-to-day basis for discharging his/her role/ responsibility. A list of such persons is made which is called the list of role members.

2. The role members are asked to write their expectations from the role member.These activities are then prioritized in terms of VED (vital, essential, desirable) analysis.

3. Separately the role holder is asked to write his/her offerings/ obligations towards each of the role members.

4. These “expectations” of role members and the “offerings” of role occupant are matched by HR/HRD officer. If there are some mis-matches, the role occupant and role members are brought on discussion table (one by one) to ultimately arrive at “role consensus”.

5. Role members are asked to write the critical attributes which they expect from the role member in the following 4 classifications:

a) Knowledge
b) Attitude
c) Skills
d) Habits

Out of this KASH, we derive the competencies required for performance of the role by role member.

6. KPAs / KRAs
From the “role consensus” arrived at, as described in # 4 above, we derive KPAs/KRAs after a discussion between the role occupant and his/her controlling officer.

These KPAs / KRAs are static till there is a revision in the role itself. These are used to decide Annual Goals, which should necessarily be measurable.The goals are decided after a discussion between the role occupant and his/her controlling officer.

It is pertinent to mention that KPIs are the units of measure of the Annual Goals. For example, if a manager has a goal of manufacturing “X” Units of product per month, the KPI is “Units per month”.

Measurable goals can be set for any function, be it manufacturing, finance, or HR etc.

Author - M D Kaushik

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