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Saturday - 4 Apr 2020 on LinkedIn
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Is there need for 'Thinking outside the Box’?

The concept of ‘thinking out of the box’ has assumed the nature of a cliché in management and corporate circles. Management gurus, CEOs, bosses and employees just use this term every time they would like to tell someone to be creative and innovative in approach. This is a term that’s related to the ‘nine dots’ puzzle which forces people to solve the puzzle by not being limited but by applying creativity and problem solving abilities to the hilt. A lot of creative ad directors and marketing people are great fans of the concept of thinking out of the box. A lot of skeptics and some old timers do throw up the question, “is there need for thinking out of the box?”

This is the age of innovation and progress. Anyone who does not move ahead with the times and adapts with the changing milieu is left behind in the rat race. At the same time, the competitive environment as well as the rapidly changing economic landscape has compelled companies to think out of the box in a bid to stay a step ahead of the competition and indeed win the race. Every company needs to have its core competency in order to have a unique selling proposition (USP) that differentiates it from all the others companies which are vying for the customer’s attention and business. A ‘Me-Too’ or a ‘Has Been’ has no place in a world that does not care for losers. There have been so many examples of companies that were world leaders and world-beaters, but became complacent and failed to think out of the box to reinvent their products, processes and systems to retain their pre-eminent position.

When it comes to employees, the fast changing scenario is compelling companies to think of ways and means to think out of the box in order to engage and keep employees happy. A lot of companies are now coming up with various plans, programs and procedures to make the employees’ work experience rewarding, satisfying and immensely fulfilling. Concepts like ‘fun at work’ or ‘long term incentive plans’ or perhaps something like a ‘dating allowance’ are just some of the measures that companies have adopted to differentiate their work atmosphere, with a view to attracting, motivating and retaining talent.

So, it goes without saying that those who are still questioning: “Is there need for 'Thinking outside the Box’?” are seriously out of touch with the times that we are living in!

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