Building an Engaged Workforce
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Nowadays you hear several head honchos making a lot of noise about building an engaged workforce. Before one gets into the nuts and bolts of this, it makes sense to get a fair idea of what employee engagement is all about. The terms engaged, disengaged and actively disengaged employees are terms that have been popularized by the Gallup organization to indicate the extent to which employees identify with the company and are in favor of the company’s goals and ideals. These are terms that indicate whether or not an employee is well tied with the company and has high levels of commitment, dedication and zeal to contribute to the growth and well being of the organization. This is in contrast with employees who are disengaged or actively disengaged with the company and who may be on the verge of quitting.

Building an engaged workforce is important as it means that you have a bunch of go-getters and productive, happy employees who would go all out to win in the market place. Disengaged employees are a drag on the company’s resources as they are less productive, while actively disengaged employees are a definite ‘no-no’ as they go about spreading ill will for the company among others and make efforts to bring other peoples’ morale down. Such people should be in for a planned separation, and the sooner you do it, the better off your company will be. Building an engaged workforce is not easy, as you really need to know what it is that makes your employees tick and love their work. A part of it is closely linked with job satisfaction. If employees have the ability to display their skills and get the chance to do what they are best at, it would smoothen out a lot of rough edges as employees like to excel and be appreciated.

The work atmosphere as well as relations with one’s supervisor also goes a long way in building an engaged workforce. One of the best things that companies can do is to start off by having an employee engagement survey to assess those areas where the company is strong and which are the areas that need to be tackled and improved. Specific action plans can then be devised and rigorously implemented to ensure that any gaps are plugged and engagement is enhanced effectively. High employee engagement is a not a quick fix. Rather, it is a journey that any company needs to embark upon in collaboration with its employees.


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