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Business Coaching

A lot of people think that business coaching is just a fad, or a buzzword being glorified about in management circles and coined by management gurus out there to make a quick buck. To begin with, you need to know what business coaching is, what does it promise and what are its deliverables. These are some of the questions that are present in the minds of business people. While a number of CEOs and head honchos swear by the benefits of business coaching¸ their view is not endorsed or subscribed by all, as there are quite a few sceptics. The sceptics believe that if someone is competent and has a clear vision and strength of purpose as well as determination, there is no need for something like business coaching.

Coaching in general refers to instruction, teaching or training someone with a view to enhance his or her capabilities. For instance, a lot of kids take coaching in certain subjects where they need help or extra support. Business coaching refers to the support, training, advice or instruction that is sought for and availed by business people who are keen on achieving success in the business arena. Coaching should not be confused for mentoring, which is more relationship-based as it involves a mentor (experienced person) taking under his wings someone who is a novice or less experienced. Coaching is much more issue-based whereas mentoring is mostly relationship-based. A business coach is like a sporting coach, except that the area being coached about is business. A business coach helps the businessperson by improving his/her skills apart from providing support, guidance and advice on various business matters.

The economic landscape is changing very rapidly nowadays and it is becoming very difficult for business owners to ‘know it all’ and single-handedly cope with the rigors of doing business in this global village that has been hit by the tsunami of recession. It is here that even the most seasoned of professionals need someone to fall back on, or bounce ideas of, to consult and even confide in. The business coach plays all these roles as he/she brings a wealth of experience and loads of wisdom to guide the person who needs coaching.

As a business owner, you might be great in marketing or technology. But you may need some coaching in finance or human resources or even in the operations to make it big. A business coach can help you with these missing pieces so that you can hone your skills and be able to face the challenges that your business throws up.

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Posted: 03/03/2011 07:09:26

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