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Thursday - 4 Jun 2020 on LinkedIn
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How to Recession Proof your Workforce ?

With the recession jitters driving the global community to inordinate fear and panic, it has become imperative for the organisations to recession proof their work force. In these days of massive lay-offs and business shut outs, companies are in the process of researching and devising techniques to immune them from the negative impacts of recession. Recession proofing is nothing but equipping oneself with a set of skills that will enable an organization to remain efficient even in the turbulent times. For this, the foremost thing needed is to have a comprehensive insight on the core areas of work and excel in the same. A positive workforce with a true fighting spirit is the need of the hour.

To sustain a good performance level and a productive work force is not very easy in the current state of economic downturn. The employees have to keep a series of aspects in mind to get the optimal performance from their employees. The employees are required to be constantly inspired and motivated so that they maintain a high energy level. The best possible output can be derived from a co-ordinated workforce working in an organised group or team. The team members should be determined, hardworking, loyal, upbeat and positive minded. Everyone needs to contribute his /her best to achieve the desired target.

The management should also try and devise means to reduce stress and dissatisfaction among their employees. Generally, the work pressure is greater during the recession period. A potential employee has to engage in multi-tasking to pull up the work load. Under these tough circumstances, the management has to lend its maximum help to enhance the productivity of its talent pool. The employees can be aided with proper facilities, instructions and resources to find solution to the problems on their own. They should be given greater autonomy on the basis of rank, experience and efficiency. This will not only increase the confidence level and the challenging potential of the employees but will also help to de-stress and develop a strong emotional attachment towards the organisation.

Good communication between the management and the employees is also very necessary to eliminate undue fear and tension among the employees. The work force should be kept updated about the current activities and events of the organisation. The queries and concerns of the people should be answered through face-to face conversations, meetings, question-answer sessions and open forums. This boosts up the morale of the employees and strengthens the relation between the work force and the management.

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