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HR and its Role in Strategy Execution

For business organizations across the world, strategy execution holds significant priority. Strategy execution is also known as performance management or PM. The entire process of strategy execution or performance management works to define a strategy, to implement it and to interpret it to each individual of an organization.

HR role in strategy execution

For the previous 10 years, Human Resource has been acting as an outsourcing body. It has been working as consultants to outsource administrative functions. Therefore, consulting in the field of strategy execution is very promising and paying.

Successful projects which act as driving force for strategy execution contain three constituents. These constituents are known as executive sponsorship, project managers and project team members.

Executive sponsor

Success of a project can be achieved if the executive sponsor makes sure that that the participants of the project are devoted and focused on common aim and vision. The executive sponsor may expand his or her vision and commitment for including bigger support groups and business community.

Human Resources work with particular individuals in order to recognize the roles, which an executive sponsor is expected to play. Other responsibility of HR is to ensure that the executive sponsors accomplish the roles assigned to them. If needed, HR should help the sponsors in this regard. HR professionals should escape the role of leadership development in the execution of strategy.

Project manager

The roles of project managers revolve round integration and coordination of entire activities, which fulfil the requirements of the business. Some of the additional behavioral skills required for project managers include communication, team merging, casting influence on others, convincing, problem solving and negotiation.

It is very rare that people selected for the positions of project manager are offered training. It is the responsibility of HR to run the operation along with their business partners. HR is also expected to help the business partners in the selection of the appropriate candidate who may lead the project in order to execute strategy.

Role of project team members

Generally, people who are hired as project team members are expected to carry out everyday activities. They are not expected to execute strategic initiatives. These everyday activities include market research, system programming, finance and assembling the required items.

The activities of project team members for accomplishing projects require a deep analysis of processes and current systems, planning for the improvement of the performance and challenge-accepting outlook for pursuing non-traditional ideas, actions and activities for best results.

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