That is Life
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Life is an event to be experienced.

MASKS We all wear a mask. Or many masks. We don't give away too much about ourselves to strangers, because we do not trust other people. It's all about self-defense. But most of us wear too many masks that hide way too much., hiding a truly beautiful face Let's share a little more of ourselves with other people. What's the worst that can happen? Well, they might laugh. They might look down on us. Sure, I suppose that is possible. It is sad, but the personality shortcomings of other people should not prevent you from dancing outside your mask, should they? What if you decided to trust people a little more, even if they foolishly misplace that trust. I don't mean to share your credit card number with other people, just a little more of your plans of the future beautiful face and your mind.

CHARACTER Character has been described as how a person acts when he or she thinks nobody else is looking. Want to know if someone will make a good spouse, business partner or employee? Find out how they treat people whose opinion the could not care less about. Be there when the carpet cleaner arrives. Watch when the septic tank emptier does his work. Go through a crowded supermarket checkout with her. Sit in rush hour traffic with him. How he reacts to others is how he will react to you over time. That's called character...hopefully you'll find it is called good character.

COMMUNICATION "When you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time - a tremendous whack." Good Old Winston Churchill certainly was following his own advice about communications when he said that. OK, Winston, we get the point. We won't beat around the bush. We will make sure that people understand exactly what we mean. We won't expect people to try to interpret what we mean. We won't end up arguing later on about what we really wanted. Thanks.

ANGER It's madness, I tell you. Al this anger is pure madness. Has anger ever accomplished anything? Not on its own. Anger simply channels energy toward destruction. If something makes you angry, channel that energy into solving the problem. That's right, solve the problem so that you no longer need to be angry. That is energy well-invested.

SELF-TALK What is self-talk? It is the language we all use to describe our worlds. The right self-talk tell us we can do it. The right self-talk gives us encouragement and self-worth. The wrong self-talk makes us feel small and incapable or unworthy. Self-talk is something that happens without us even having to think about it. And if you don't listen carefully, you might not even know it is happening. But if you think you can't do something or feel you don't deserve something, you probably have some negative self-talk and it is time to take action. You can change your self-talk by telling yourself you are worthy and you do deserve it. It's time to communicate with yourself. It's time to listen to your inner-voice

COMPARISONS I suppose it's only natural that we should be competitive. It is competition that allowed our ancestors to outrun the other hunters and catch the meat. It's competition that allowed our ancestors to beat the other nomads toi the shelter of a cave. But this is now, and we no longer need to hunt meet and hide in caves. We do not need to compete to appreciate who we are. Comparing yourself (your body, your skills, your possessions) to someone else serves no purpose. What counts is who you are, not who other people are. Be someone to be proud of and you'll never have to compare yourself to anybody else again.

PASSION Kindling burns fast and high, lighting up the sky for a few splendid minutes. But that huge chunk of log will keep burning for hours and hours, even if you can barely see the flame. No campfire would be right without both - the excitement of a spectacular flame, and the simmering passion of a long-term commitment to keeping the fires burning. Apply this lesson to everything you do in life. Light a fire that motivates you to jump up and get going. Then work on that simmering passion to keep moving towards your goal.

LIFE Life is not easy. That's true. For starters, it gets pretty complicated to figure everything out, and by the time we get it all figured out, we've pretty much run out of life. And life does take effort...enormous effort. There's so much more than just sitting back to enjoy the view. Ah, but life is a joy. Life is a thrill. And it is so much more of a joy precisely because it is not easy. Precisely because it is complex, with all sorts of wonderful twists and turns. Precisely because it takes effort, and forces us to be part of it. Not every challenge is welcome, but every one has its purpose and most of them make life so much richer. If we need help, it is to solve the problem of seeing life as a problem. Sometimes the self-help world tends to look at life as a problem to be solved. That is natural, since so many people seek "help" to solve a "problem". But often the problem is that we can too easily fall into that trap of seeing life as a problem. Self-help should be a means to free people to experience life. Break the chains. Rush out into life and experience it. Do something you've always dreamed of. Do something you've never thought of. Do something you've never done before. Jump. Laugh. Smile. Live. Life just would not be living if it was easy.

Author : R Bharadwaj

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