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Things HR should not Say

HR is very essential to all organizations, especially to ensure that it is running smoothly. There are several organizational problems, which if solved immediately, could lead to better work culture and profits for the organization. However, if left unresolved, these issues could lead to HR problems and ultimately affect the profits. Following are some areas where most HR managers make mistakes, which could lead to problems in the company.

Lack of Time or Interest in Personnel Problems

A company runs successfully if its employees are happy. Under these circumstances, HR cannot afford to give excuses like lack of time or show disinterest in the office related problems of the individual. In other words, when your employees come to you with problems related to their work, whether these are emotional, physical or any other, it is important that as HR, you pay attention to them and resolve the same. Most employees often have problems with their colleagues or even bosses and may get stressed for not having any place to share their sentiments. Good HR managers ensure that there is a sharing atmosphere in the office, where the employee feels safe and secure to share his or her problems with you. It is pertinent to note that lack of such space could lead to extreme stress, which in turn may affect both the employee as well as the company.

Not giving Proper Clarifications with regard to Salary and Bonuses

As an HR manager, it is important for you to realize that not everyone is aware of the various policies as well as the procedures involved in any company. This is especially so when related to factors such as pay, appraisals, benefits, compensations and the like. Given that each company has its own system for these issues, it becomes essential to clarify the same to the employee. Most HR managers make the mistake of not clarifying such simple issues, which result in confusion and ultimately misery. For example, when a particular employee gets a pay cut that they have no idea about, there is bound to be some confusion. It is important that the HR managers inform such employees about the reason for such cuts. Similarly, bonuses, awards and other positive reinforcements practiced by the company should be common knowledge, failing which there will be no motivating factor left for the employee.

Not Clarifying Pay Levels and Other Related Issues
Often it is seen that two employees, even when they are at the same level or have joined at the same time, receive different salaries. While the company may be justified in giving these different salaries, the employee, for lack of knowledge, looks upon it as discrimination. If you want to avoid unnecessary legal action, then it is important as HR to clarify such differences and the reasons for the same. Reasons for salary disparity could include the type of job done, geographical location, size of company etc .

Lack of Interest in Career Plans

Finally, as HR, it is essential that you look into the career and training plans of each employee and give it equal attention. Not looking into career plans or training needs of employees could actually cause problems for the company in the long run, including loss of profits.

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very useful

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Very intersting and helpful

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Relevant points. Thank you

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All are very relevant and useful points. Thanks

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