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Fun and Work: And you thought they donít go together

Fun Quotient can make all the difference to the motivation and productivity of employees. This article explains how an organization can introduce humor into its work culture

What is Fun Quotient (FQ)? Fun Quotient is the amount of time you spend doing things that are light-hearted or fun. It's the amount of time you dedicate to whatever you consider to be fun: working on hobbies; games; dancing; going to the theater or movies; watching television; reading; surfing the internet; spending time with friends; traveling; and playing sports.

What is an FQ at work place? One of the common reasons for low productivity at the workplace emanates from a dull and non-motivating work atmosphere. This either results in frustration among employees or a laidback attitude, which stagnates their career progress. When the work atmosphere fails to motivate the employees they find it extremely difficult to cope up with the changes, challenges and resultant stress. Often, relationships become frosty, rapport among employees deteriorates and communications turn awkward. Any kind of employee training sessions on attitude and motivation or a cosmetic exercise to improve this situation will not solve such problems. In such a scenario what could be the ways for the organizational leadership to redress the situation and retrieve an employee’s morale from sinking further? Fun Quotient (FQ) may be the answer. While there might be multiple reasons affecting the morale and productivity of employees, the FQ factor can make all the difference.

Already a number of organizations have tested this tool which has resulted in better bonding between workers, helped resolve conflicts, reduced stress level, increased productivity, and of course, the motivation. It depends a great deal on how the leadership in any organization will deal with such kind of situation. Most IT companies follow the current trend of flat organization structure. People address each other by first names. Job assignments are allotted and work teams are given total independence. It eliminates the need for immediate supervision. If the nature of work is monotonous then it is the responsibility of the team members to en liven the atmosphere through their sense of humor. Some people have a very good sense of humor and their deliberate induction into work teams could be of great help for employee-morale and resultant work-related benefits. It is not just a question of having a positive attitude, but a “lighter attitude” (work is fun) that makes the real difference. Even at the recruitment level, the leadership must ascertain that hired employees are a cultural-fit. They should look for positive energy levels.

 Advantages of fun at work

• Increase in productivity: Organizations where work becomes fun are more productive. The importance of fun and a high level of energy can make a significant difference. Infosys describes its work culture thus: “We would like to describe our people and our workplace in simple terms. But it isn’t easy when what we are trying to describe is a certain feeling of joie de vivre; a feeling of energy and vitality, of freshness, of a place where people are unafraid to voice new ideas, of a place where there is minimal hierarchy.”

• Working for the fun of it: This happens when the workforce does not attend office just for earning a living but because they derive a great joy from their job. When your duty becomes a delight, it is a marvelous feeling.

 • Checking attrition: Monotony of work is one of the prime reasons for attrition in the IT sector. High attrition rate adds to the cost factor and directly affects the bottom line. Introduction of shorter and flexible working hours are advised. • Nurturing innovation: A work culture that gives its employees the freedom to think and act is the breeding ground for creativity and innovation.

• When you star enjoying your work , you stop working. What should the management advice the employee so that they start enjoying their work.

 • Take work seriously, but not yourself

• Think funny;

• Adopt a playful attitude;

• Be the first to laugh;

• Laugh with, not at;

 • Laugh at yourself;

Following are a few steps any management should take to ensure fun at work:

• Find out what employees like most or their favorite pursuits.

• The likes and dislikes of the employees’ work preferences.

• Try to recruit people-centric employees, those who are pleasant to work with and can nurture and motivate teams.

• Make work teams more interesting through induction of techniques and people who possess positive energy.

• Take steps to make lunch hours interesting and funny.

• Keep something on your worktable, which is amusing and lightens you up in a state of stress and anxiety.

• Put funny quotes on the notice boards and encourage employees to add interesting retorts.

• Many people love to laugh and crack jokes. Encourage them, as a happy worker is productive worker. Give fortnightly awards to the most humorous employee.

 • Organize, if possible, a company dinner with their family members.

• Checkout the possibilities of introducing periodic festivities at the workplace through carnival decorations. Pretext could be festivals or any other cause for celebration.

• Make laughter a priority while meeting with employees. People with a sense of humor are viewed as being intelligent, energetic, highly productive, competent, outgoing and friendly. At a time technical competency is not the only factor that employers are looking for, but also good management skills, the FQ is as important as IQ and EQ levels. So make way for the new Q i.e. FQ…and enjoy your work.

Author : Sajiri Chidgupkar

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