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Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the application of a company’s human resources effectively in order to achieve the overall strategies of the company. Some HR experts even call it as the management of people in a proactive manner. It requires foreseeing things and planning ahead so that the needs of the employees are better met and their needs are matched with the goals of the company. Thus, successful SHRM can influence the way things are handled at a business site, and improve everything from recruitment and employee training programs to appraisal techniques and discipline.

Why opt for SHRM

Adopting SHRM can bring several positive results like:

·         Improvement in the economic performance of your organization

·         Augmented rate of survival as a corporate entity

·         Increase in organizational and employee productivity

·         A boost in customer satisfaction

·         Lower labor turnover

·         Saving your HR function from becoming redundant due to its value-adding worth

A company can focus on the following seven dimensions for effective people management so that its SHRM can yield the desired results:

·         A precise mode for selection of employees

·         Extensive training

·         Employment security

·         Decentralized decision making and self-managed teams

·         Reduced status distinctions

·         Making relatively  high compensation associated with individual and organizational performance

·         Extensive sharing of performance and financial information throughout the organization

For successful implementation of SHRM, several factors should be considered. The first step is of strategic recruitment where the right person is chosen to fill the job best suited for him/her. Such recruitment should also match the organizational needs. Having the right blend of incentives and rewards in place is also crucial as it can motivate and engage employees, who in turn will focus on improving their performance. To make the HR team as the strategic partner, the right HR head who has the necessary leadership qualities should be chosen. Having well defined HR goals that match the overall organizational objectives is also important for successful SHRM.

Other important factors include providing every level of employee with the right training and development programs, implementing a performance management system to acknowledge good performance, output and work quality, and giving rewards and recognition to motivate and retain such high-performing employees. 

No company can achieve results unless its employees are aligned with its objectives. So, a long-term plan should be adhered to for integrating your organizational goals with your HR policies and actions, so that you can manage your people effectively, and improve employee motivation as well as productivity.

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