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The young have health but they squander it for gaining wealth. The older ones have wealth and very ruefully, want to buy back health !

The West is running towards the East and the East towards the West.

We enjoy the present moment only when it becomes a memory of the past, and think of people only when they are no more !


















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































We need to live in the present and enjoy every moment in awe, wonder and gratitude. Poor Self-awareness and clinging to past memories / worries for future, make us stressed and stress further reduces Self-awareness, putting us into a loop.

But we can take charge any moment, and start life anew !

That's the beauty of life !


You aren't successful if you aren't happy, no matter how much wealth or power you have.

You can't be happy until you are healthy and well.

You can't be healthy and well until you live in awareness - eating right, exercising everyday, good habits etc. at body level ; having positive attitudes and happy engagement in dutiful actions at mind level, and meditation and selfless love for all at the soul level.

May we all be loving, meditative, happy, positive, healthy and successful !

Hans Dholakia

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