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Analyzing your HR Service Delivery Model

The manner in which you deliver HR services is as important today as the kind of services you deliver. With advancements in technology, HR services have grown over the years to include more integrated and newer ones, which include workforce planning, talent management, business intelligence and analytics etc. Additionally, requirements from the customer as well as the business as a whole are also changing. It is important to ensure that your HR service delivery model is well adapted to the growing needs of the business while optimizing the delivery of these services. Analysis of your HR service delivery model should ideally include evaluation of your existing delivery methods of services along with providing key recommendations that will help improve the overall process. Here are some factors that should be present in any model to enable it to provide efficient HR service delivery:-

• HR Portal for employees: Access to timely information for resolving issues is the key to ensuring best HR practices. Efficient portals are those that offer access on the basis of the roles the employees perform. For instance, employees may be given access to track their working hours, check allotment of work, or submit travel expense reports, while managers can have a wider, all-encompassing access to allot work and manage project, schedule trainings etc. the key is to have easy-to-use and intuitive portals that will ensure seamless access to information, which is the key to decision making.

• Self service features: For any organization to truly grow and become better, it is important that the employees can help themselves, when required. This includes access to information as well as the ability to complete common HR tasks without having to reach out to their superiors for support.

• Case management tools: These are help desk applications, which ensure seamless assigning of cases, managing workloads and tracking cases that have been assigned through an automated process. Fewer agents are required for working on issues concerning the organization, which again helps improve its overall efficiency and productivity. What makes this truly special is the fact that employees can gain access to relevant information in real time, making it better for overall decision making.

• Service level management: This allows HR agents to ideally evaluate performances on the basis of commitments made. Often it is seen that there are problems in delivery, which could be a result of various issues. This tracking system allows agents to identify the causes of any problem affecting delivery, while also enabling them to resolve it immediately. This also helps understand the promptness or the lack of it in any service delivery. Understanding this will ensure setting up of better delivery systems, by working on existing caseloads and reworking them, as and when required.

• Communication systems for employees: For any business, communication is the key to success. For ensure effective communication, it is important to ensure that the right information reaches out to the right people at the right time. Additionally, any tool that encourages such effective communication should be implemented and feedback sought to make the process faster and easier. This will help iron out any kinks in the HR service delivery system while also streamlining processes and procedures for the future.

The presence of all the above factors in any HR service delivery model will help ensure that your service delivery is cost effective while also being efficient.

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Posted: 06/05/2013 07:39:38

Nice write up.

I totally agree with the article.
I would like to add that every tool you mentioned for HR support function, somehow should relate back to Employee Engagement also at some level. E.g. HR Portal, It may constantly have something to do with Employee Engagement, care and their Life Enrichment. Trainings is one part of it, but if we discuss with Employee Engagement experts, it looks like Engagement in some case give better results than trainings, so planning for engagement may also be a part of it. Believe me people will start thinking out of the box if company's HR portal is showing some care and engagement in one way or the other.


Mahak Khandelwal

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