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Resource Deployment Strategies

In today’s volatile times where companies are rethinking their business strategies and models continuously, and making changes to them to meet the demands of changing times, formulating strategic plans for resource deployment has emerged as an important part. Irrespective of how complex or simple your company’s strategic plan is, the deployment of strategic proposals won’t differ much from implementing other plans throughout the organization. When it comes to resource deployment strategies, organization, performance management, and leadership emerge as the key deciding factors.  

Organizational Attributes

For successful resource deployment strategies, the following factors need to be considered: 

the demographics of the existing and forecasted labor force
present and prospective location of business sites vis-à-vis availability and quality of the workforce
benefits/drawbacks offered by local employer practices (which could include wage rates, work week, employee benefits etc)
Labor relations history and climate in the locality (which includes considering organized labor activities like settlements/recent election results etc) 
The extent of visibility as employers against other players in the field
An organization’s physical assets, market proximity, and its internal structure also play a deciding role in the formulation of resource deployment strategies. 
Performance Management

This refers to clarification of roles, while defining expectations and assigning fitting rewards. This is a task handled by the HR personnel, who deal with a variety of performance management and compensation initiatives to assist an organization perform as laid out in the forecasted plans. Assessing the skills and performance of employees go a long way in planning and implementing successful resource deployment strategies.

A critical element of resource deployment strategies refer to getting the right leadership. Having wrong people in the job, or the absence of correct leadership skills will influence the efficiency with which strategies can be deployed. Sometimes, employees and those in the higher rungs of management may also need to develop supplementary skills to meet the organization’s new standards and strategic requirements, and perform their future job well. This again becomes the responsibility of the HR department as it needs to facilitate the same.  
At times, creating the right leadership capability may also ask for redeployment, developing internal skills with an eye on future needs, or hiring people with different skill sets to meet future requirements. Whatever be the scenario, not managing leadership issues decisively will adversely affect the ability to execute your organization’s strategy.
In the global economic market today, organizations need to stay competitive and snatch every opportunity coming their way, which can help them wield a decisive power in their markets. With correct and timely resource deployment strategies, companies can exert notable influence on their respective marketplaces. This is where the HR department can help by providing the organization the required knowledge, skills, and services, which in turn could help in resource deployment strategies. In other words, the HR department can facilitate the synergistic and economical use of the organization’s available resources for strategic purposes.
So, examine each of these factors as mentioned above in detail and test different scenarios for their strategic impact before planning and implementing resource deployment strategies.
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