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March 30, 2009 11:35 PM
Posted by Sundararajan Krishnaswami
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Have you not in your childhood learnt that, it is important to find out what is being said, rather than to go by who says it?

Now, watch yourself working in an corporate office environment, are you not prioritizing on the basis of who says what, rather than on what is being said!

It all boils down to power and Ego, people have chosen wrong ways to make others listen, the fundamental problem is, as soon as somebody comes to understand, what is to be done, then, they find ways to make others do! now, how to make others do?

A generally accepted method is to discuss and to logically convince, but this is tedious and time consuming, then, the next is just sheer power. I say, you just do it, now, why should the other yield to your power, because, you have invested, or you are the boss, meaning the person who has invested has given you the power to do so.

All the above boils down to conversation happening in certain peculiar methods, like, the person because of diplomacy will choose to communicate in a suggestive manner, but the intention is to use power to make others just obey!

Here the game starts, then the other chooses his own game, he will act humbly and say "what ever you say sir" but, he does not really mean it, what he indirectly means is, the responsibility of the outcome is yours.

The transaction continues.

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