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“Attend HRM” - A Cost effective and Futuristic HRM Solution Back to All Posts
Attend HRM Lite is FREE for unlimited use, but with limited features, so the user has to buy only if he is completely satisfied and requires more features.

“Attend HRM” is a unique and innovative software product of its kind. After an extensive study on the market requirements, Lenvica has designed a multilingual, modular, scalable and database independent Application Framework, which is the backbone of this robust software product. “Attend HRM” is intended to cater the SME's HRM requirement in a modular way. All the modules are optional and pluggable according to customer’s choice. The customer has the choice of selecting the modules, and he has to pay only for the modules he picks.

The software has been launched with three versions - Lite, Professional and Enterprise (Server). The Lite version can be upgraded to a Professional or Enterprise version any time.

The dedicated team behind the software is constantly in the look out for improving the features and user-friendliness. Various modules are under development, which include, Query Builder, Scheduler, Document Tracker, Email Notifications, Employee Self Service, etc. The team releases regular updates to keep every customer up-to-date with the latest features.

“Attend HRM” works with various Time Attendance/Access Control devices and can be extended as a security solution by integrating with CCTV Surveillance and Fire Alarms.

1. Multiple Languages (English, Hindi, Arabic and more)
2. Multiple Databases (SQL Server, Oracle, Firebird and more)
3. Multiple Attendance Devices (Biometric, RFID, and more)
4. Multiple Locations (Branches located across the globe)

1. Integrated Payroll Solution
2. Integrated Security Solution
3. Excellent GUI, Video Help
4. Track employees across branches
5. Customizable Reports
6. Seamless integration with legacy attendance devices
7. Optional Dongle Support for extended security
8. Optional Web Interface

1. Reduce your payroll costs
2. Reduce workforce management costs
3. Increase Employee Productivity
4. Improve security in your office
5. Free for initial use, pay only when you are satisfied
6. No regular data entry, once configured, data arrives through Attendance terminals.

For more information and free download visit us at:

About the company: Attend HRM is the product of Lenvica Computer Solutions Pvt Ltd. Lenvica has over 5 years of domain experience in HRM product development with European Clients. The company is headed by talented professionals and supported by a team of dedicated engineers keeping in touch with latest technological advances and development.
Murthy says:
Jul 27, 2009 12:00 AM
Payroll & Time attendnace is made easy by 'Attend HRM' software. Lenvica provides free registration for limited period.
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