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Sunday - 23 Feb 2020 on LinkedIn
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                         Network + Ing

As the dictionary says:-

“A supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest.”

When we talk about the recent developments in this area I would like to highlight few important points one should not forget:-

a)   Do Attend: - One needs to take out time for attending several seminars or get together (Birthday Parties, Marriages etc), But yes one should not restrict oneself in attending the topic or area specific seminars. Say HR should not attend only HR seminars. To increase the dimension of understandings of various other industries, one should be with open mind and visit several places. Don’t forget to carry good amount of Biz cards.


b)   Timing: - Always try to be before time and get yourself placed at a strategic location to sit. This will allow you to get settled easily and will give you an edge over others. And the early you are the more chances of meeting more people you’ll have.


c)   Get associated: - Every function / vertical has its own forums or several bodies which generates a niche platform. Becoming member of such bodies not only provides a seminar to attend rather various rich information is also passed on through internal magazines.


d)   Be a Live Wire: - Not only attending and being a mute spectator will bring you good contacts. You need to be filled with great enthusiasm; rich content and a pleasant personality (bear a smile on your face J ). Your extra energetic persona will definitely create positivity around you and will attract several people.  


e)   Convincing: - Stick to basics, show interest in what others have to say and contribute to the conversation intelligently. Talk about yourself only when asked and keep it relevant. And yes you should be strong in convincing about what you say.

All the above highlights are fine till we make acquaintances. Now when you have so many biz cards, and are connected over LinkedIn, phone numbers, point is of what to do next.

I have seen thousands of people making contacts and filling their card folders. And eventually all this ends up in a mere hard copies. Point I am raising is about how strong one has kept themselves in touch with all or how long were you able to sustain the new links in your life? So How to keep it going:-

a)   Keep Sharing: - To stay connected, I suggest to keep on sharing relevant material to your new known circle. Create your own groups over Social/professional networking sites. There are thousands of things which can be shared. Broadly we may classify under: new Job openings, resumes, articles, jokes. You may help your fellow consultant friends via providing them relevant suitable resumes.  


b)   Once, Do Something: It’s for sure that no matter how many people you connect, there will be only 2 – 3 people with whom you feel great bond. Try to do something for them once a month or in a quarter. This feel make them feel special and for you, it will be a great satisfaction with higher intensity of professional relationship.


c)   Create Platform: - Once you have 100’s of new connections, you may start your own small platform for interactions. After few months of dialogues one gets to know the interest of others. The more common the interest are, the more chances of you all to go along. You may start meeting casually and slowly try to give it a shape of professional discussions. More over these platforms are utilized as stress busters by various attendants, so if a lil casual touch is given, it may prove to be good in long term.


d)   Go together: - Whenever a new meeting is announced by your common forum, one should try to attend with all your known connections. Try to gather consent of attending it and reaching together. Moving together will give you all a different joy ride and an extra time to know and get connected more.


No matter how big your connection list is, it is always important how more you cherish and preserve the bonding between your connections. Hope this might have been useful to you all.

Thanks for reading and sharing your time.

Happy Network ing……….


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