• One of my HR Community friends,  Basheer wrote to me: > Dear Mr. Gireesh Sharma, > > When most people consider traditional performance appraisals a time consuming and expensive task, I also believe they are ineffective in the present work culture of organizations. > > I would like to hear from you the better ways to get the performance appraisals done effectively ,successfully and

  • Sometimes back I wrote a post ‘What’s in the name? SuccessFactors for HR‘ where I mentioned the special skill of an HR manager who knows every employee by name. While I was reviewing a new feature in the software EmpXtrack, called Employee Hierarchy (similar to an Organization Chart), I recollected a motivating incident. It was in the beginning of year 2002, I worked with a business proces

  • Difficult economic times call for tough calls, and, downsizing is one of the toughest calls that leadership and HR have to take. Though downsizing is the most hated task and nobody wants to do it; it is a necessary evil for saving a company from an economic collapse. With little efforts organizations can minimize the effect of downsizing on economy and employees to a some extent.  Here are 10 tips tha

  • After spending a lot of time working on HR technology, I have just tried to collaborate some of the technology knowledge that any HR Manager should know. 1. The Era of Excel is over, its no more the most Powerful tool. There was a time when Excel Geeks were highly in demand. Everybody will approach them for a solution. However, with the arrival of softwares like SAP, where HR can ask the software team to c