What are the ways to show appreciation for employees ?

Employee morale has a great influence on the overall performance of the organization. When the employee is motivated and loyal to the organization, there is a marked increase in productivity and quality. A motivated sales person will sell more products while a motivated assembly line worker will produce more and better products.

Employee motivation depends on various factors and most importantly it does not depend on the salary alone. While a handsome compensation package is an attraction, other non-tangible benefits like a friendly work environment, understanding colleagues and superiors are also positive aspects in any job.

Another important way of motivating people is by showing appreciation for their job. As human beings all of us crave for attention and appreciation. Children like to be told that their school work is good. A sportsperson would be happy when complimented on his performance. A singer would be happy to hear people admire her voice. Employees too like to be complimented on the quality of job done, on orders obtained, on production targets achieved etc. Too often, bosses forget to appreciate their employees which results in employees losing interest in their job.

There are many simple ways of appreciating the people who work with us. And the best part is that appreciation is free. Appreciating others does not cost us. There are many simple ways of showing appreciation for people. 

- Being generous in praise: Praise your coworker or subordinate on any job they have done well. 

- Say thank you: Too often, things are taken for granted and jobs which involved hard work are not acknowledged. Thank your employees for jobs done and targets achieved. 

- Ask them about their personal life: Asking people about their families, their children and their parents sends the message that you are a caring person who is genuinely interested in their wellbeing. 

- Help people maintain a work and life balance: Enable people to talk to one another regarding scheduling their holidays. Encourage them to go on periodic vacations with their families. 

- Buy a small gift periodically for your employees on special accomplishments: This makes people think that they are specially valued. 

- Invite them to your home for parties or get togethers: This helps employees develop a relationship of trust and respect. It also creates a sense of belonging. You become more approachable which greatly helps interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

The abovementioned methods are a small sample of ways to show appreciation and develop a cordial work environment. There are many ways of being appreciative and showing concern. All that is required is a little creativity and genuine affection and concern.