What are the tips for effective resume writing ?

A resume is a document that contains details of you, your academic achievement and qualification, your work experience and your career interests. A resume plays a pivotal role in any recruitment. From the hundreds of resumes an employer may get, only a fraction may be short listed to appear for the interview. In the face of such odds, a resume is much more than a simple document that contains our professional details. An effective resume catches the attention of the employer, highlights our skills and accomplishment and convinces him of our capabilities and potential.

Hence, composing a resume that is clear and effective in communicating our attributes is an extremely crucial component of any job-hunting exercise. While there are many ways in which a resume can be written, there are a few simple and effective tips which can help a person draft an effective resume. 

- Organize the information: For an effective resume, it is essential to maintain a smooth flow of information. The details of your education, career should be arranged in logical and systematic manner. The work experience should be exhaustive and should include all aspects of your career. Ensure that the font you write the resume in, is easy to read. 

- Use a good design: it is the design of the resume that first catches the eye. When choosing from scores of resumes, employers tend to choose resumes that grab their attention. Use a design that highlights your achievements and skills 

- Customize wherever possible: If you know the manager in charge of the recruitment process, address the manager directly instead of using “Dear Sir/Madam” and include the name and address of the company in your covering letter. 

- Have a subject line: If you are sending the resume by email, have the word “resume” in the subject line so that it is easy to read for the manager. Enclose samples of writing or references if asked for. 

- Emphasize on what you can contribute: Tell the employer on what you can contribute to the organization. Underline your skills and achievement. 

- Have an email id: In the age of the internet, it is imperative that you have an email id that sounds professional. You can create an email id if you do not have one from the many free email providers. It is also necessary to have an answering machine. 

- Proof read: A resume with many grammatical and spelling mistakes is bound to create a bad impression. Proof read the resume for mistakes and inconsistencies. Ensure that the details mentioned in the resume are true. Remember that the employer will rate you based on the look and feel of the resume just as he would on your experience and qualifications.