What is an HR Strategic Plan ?

The fundamental objective of any Human resources strategic plan is to ensure that there is alignment between the resources in the company and the broader strategy of the company. It is also designed to support specific objectives of other functions of the company such as finance, operations and marketing.

A sound human resource strategic plan needs to ensure that the organization has the appropriate human resources in place along with the proper combination of skills and competencies. It also has to ensure that the employees are properly oriented and trained towards achieving the objectives of the company. Besides, it makes sure that the employees have the right attitudinal and behavioral attributes.

A good human resource strategic plan will address the issues that are intertwined with the aims and objectives of the organization and other fundamental issues which ensure high motivation and performance of the workforce.

These fundamental issues include succession planning, employment equity, motivation and fair treatment, a fair and consistent performance management framework etc.

A new human resource strategy is usually announced along with a major initiative such as restructuring, merger etc.

For a strategy to be effective and successful, it is necessary that it is in concert with the long term objectives and strategy of the organization. Besides, it should receive a broad degree of acceptance from all stakeholders. Hence, it is necessary that the stakeholders are consulted during the formative process. Emphasis should be placed on the benefits of the plan.

Commitment at all levels of management is vital for implementation; hence it is necessary to appraise the management of the quantifiable successes of the program and all stages of implementation.

The Human resources strategy can be built using many different methods. However, the following steps constitute a method that can lead to an effective Human resource strategy.

1. Identifying the direction of the organization
2. Constructing the Human resource management system in line with the direction of the organization
3. Workforce planning
4. acquiring the necessary human resources
5. Investment in human resource development and performance
6. assessment of organizational competence and maintenance of performance

Once the strategy has been finalized, it is necessary to develop the strategy to the depth of detail that enables us to quantify progress. It is ideal that the strategy be reviewed once a year and compared with the objectives. It is also vital that the strategy gains the support of the senior management and other managers.

The strategic planning of human resources is extremely important. A sound Human resources strategy ensures that the organization has the relevant human resources to achieve its objectives. The plan enables the organization to implement policies that enhance the skills and competencies of the people.