How to conduct an effective job search ?

The average worker has to search for jobs many times in his career. Fresh out of college, he searches for the position of a trainee or a job at the lower rung of the corporate ladder. As he gains experience and ascends the hierarchy, he searches for greener pastures in other companies. Irrespective of the stage in his career he is in, every job search can be effective when certain fundamental tips and guidelines are followed.

The first step towards conducting a job search is to know your objectives and desires. You should be clear on what kind of environment you want to work in. The place you want to stay etc. Understanding these fundamental objectives is crucial to finding satisfaction and fulfillment in the job you get. Define your career objectives.

Once you have defined your career objectives, you need to develop your resume, covering letter and a portfolio.

Networking with your friends, classmates and other acquaintances can be very effective in a job search. Often, people get job offers they may not be interested in personally. In such cases, they may refer their friends or others who they know are looking for a job. Hence, networking can be of great help. You can also share information regarding whom to contact and information about companies who are recruiting.

Newspapers and others journals: Newspapers are very useful when it comes to searching for a job. Most Newspapers have special sections relating to vacancies which are classified according to their type. Browsing through the vacancies sections enables you to spot potential opportunities. Besides, it also helps you to understand what employers are looking for.

Sending unsolicited applications to companies: You can send your resumes to companies even without formal advertisements. There are many vacancies in a company that are filled without any external advertisement. Usually, these vacancies are filled by people within the organization or from resumes which the company already has.

Using the internet: The internet can be put to great use when searching for a job. Websites dedicated to vacancies have made searching for a job a whole lot easier. These websites have excellent filtering mechanisms which help you locate the job you want based on location, salary etc.

Applying for the positions: Once you have come across a vacancy, apply for the job by sending a covering letter and your resume. Proof-read the application before sending and ensure that it contains all the necessary details. A good application goes a long way in impressing a prospective employer.

Maintain records of your application and related correspondence: Maintaining good records of your application will be helpful in the long run when you need to follow up on your applications or clarify queries raised by a company.

Evaluation of offers: Once you get an offer from a company, do a detailed study of the company, its mission and values. Ensure that the job profile is in line with your interests and objectives. Pay special attention to the perquisites and the fringe benefits. Check that the salary offered is at par with the industry levels.