What is ISO ?

ISO stands for International Organisation for Standardization. It is an international body which is composed of representatives from the standard bodies of different countries. It was founded in 1947. The organisation develops standards in the industrial and commercial fields. These standards are known as the ISO standards. Many large corporations have participants in the organization.

The implementation of ISO in a company involves a systematic approach. A number of simple steps will help implementation :-

1. The determination of which processes meet the standards is done by teams. Generally, there are two teams. Point teams, whose function is to work on the identified points of the ISO standards and a steering team which consists of important members of point teams and coordinate the working of the point teams. 

2. The teams develop the documentation of the new process and create new records, work instructions and forms.

3. The teams are also involved in training the staff on how the systems of standards work. 

4. When the processes are over, the series of internal audits and review is done to ensure that the system is being followed. 

5. The system needs to be used for, at least, 2 or three months before the company is ready for the registration audit.