What are the different types of employment leaves ?

During the course of an employment, the employee will be allowed a certain amount of leaves. This leave has to be exercised in accordance with the prevalent rules and company policy. There are different kinds of leave, such as, casual leave, earned leave, maternity leave etc

Casual Leave: This leave is usually admissible for short durations such as for a period of 3 days. Prior permission is necessary for this leave, except in situations where obtaining the employer’s approval is not possible, such as, in situations of unforeseen sickness, personal emergency etc. In such cases, the employer should be informed as early as possible. Official holidays will not be counted when calculating the period of casual leave, if, they fall between the period of casual leave.

Privilege leave: This leave is admissible for a period of ten days per year. Prior approval is necessary, except in cases of extreme emergency. The approval needs to be taken a few days in advance. Depending on the situations, leave may also be granted on short notice. The company will also allow the employee to accumulate the privilege leave up to a certain number of days. Employees can chose to encash the privilege leave they have accumulated over the years. Company rules governing the encashment may stipulate that a minimum amount of leave be kept in reserve. While encashing, only the basic salary along with the HRA and the DA will be taken into account.

Medical leave: The employee becomes eligible for this leave upon completing a certain period in the organization, say, a year. Sick leave can be availed upon production of a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner. The employee who goes on medical leave needs to send a formal intimation to the company within a period of 72 hours.

Maternity leave: Lady Employees are eligible for maternity leave for a period of upto 3 months. Maternity leave can also be granted in conditions of miscarriage, abortion etc. The leave in such conditions will be lesser, say, up to 6 weeks. Maternity leave will not entail deduction from the leave account.

Quarantine leave: Quarantine leave is given to the employee who does not suffer a contagious disease himself, but, has a close family member who is infected. This leave is granted upon production of a certificate from the relevant medical personnel.