What is 720 degree appraisal ?

720 degree feedback is performing a feedback after the main 360 degree appraisal. Many management experts feel that doing a comprehensive 360 degree appraisal is not complete in itself. They feel that an effective procedure to measure improvements and receive feedback is essential for the success of any appraisal. This gives a pre and a post intervention result. The pre-intervention result sets the baseline. The development intervention is then done to improve the participant’s behavior (e.g., training, coaching). The post-intervention survey then shows the amount of improvement in the results.

720 degree as the name suggests is 360 degree twice - doing the appraisal once, where the performance of the employee is analyzed and having a good feedback mechanism where the boss sits down with the employee another time and gives him feedback and tips on achieving the targets set. Too often, employees complain that they never receive feedback until the next performance appraisal. They say that, by then it is too late. 720 degree appraisal seeks to address these concerns by giving the employees feedback on their performance and help to attain the goals set for them.