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The Skills Required to become an HR Professional
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The HR department carries out a wide range of tasks. The main aspects of the HR department are devising, monitoring, and applying selection procedures and assessment methods at all levels of staff; identifying individual potential and on that basis planning an employees education training and career development reconciling employees’ needs and aims with the employer’s requirement for staff with particular skills at specific levels of responsibility’ identifying organizing and sometimes conducting orientation and training programs and refresher courses.

For those who do not have the time or resources to take a full time MBA program, there is hope as many Universities offer part time post-graduate programs in HRD. Some institutions offer certificate and diploma courses at lower levels for which a graduate degree from any discipline is required. Various institutions in the country offer PG Diplomas, which are regarded as equivalent to an MBA. There are part time evening courses offered by some institutions. For those who are unable to attend college, the National Institute of Human Resources Development offers a six semester PG correspondence course. You can also go into the HRD field if you have a degree in social work, psychology or industrials relations.

Do you think and feel that there also are some more skills that are an essential lot for becoming an esteemed and a specialised human resource professional ? If Yes, then let us discuss on those lines since the HR function is gaining popularity these days but the management students / candidates are yet not sure about the accurate skills required to enter into the human resource area.

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