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Why is Multicultural Workforce Planning Critical?
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Workforce planning is already a powerful vehicle that has had much success in the manufacturing industry, where it's known as JIT ("just in time") supply and resources management. This process basically focuses on assuring that a company does not overstock supplies and parts, but acquires only the parts necessary for timely and cost-effective product production, thereby reducing waste, increasing productivity and profits.

The same results can apply when using workforce planning or JIT to recruit hard-to-obtain human capital. This methodology is even more applicable, robust, and effective when strategizing for the acquisition of multicultural talent.

More importantly, consider that within the next four to eight years, our national economic realities will:

- Change towards offering more higher-skilled "college-degreed" jobs and opportunities
- Offer a workforce consisting of 85% women and multicultural talent
- Consist of cut-throat competition for talent
- Possess talent with changed life values and greater wellness expectations
- Experience a massive "brain drain" and mass retirements at all levels

There are other, more positive, considerations that help make a compelling business case for multicultural workforce planning. Companies that are unprepared will confront very difficult challenges in recruiting, developing, and retaining a competent diverse workforce that will expedite new business objectives.



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