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Are You Committing Yourself to becoming...

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Are You Committing Yourself to becoming...

Are You Committing Yourself to becoming a throughbred HR Professional?

The business scene this day-- even in a strong economy, has become uncertain with mergers, acquisitions, outsourcing, streamlining. As these actions have become the order of the day, your career success has also become just that uncertain. It is very difficult to imagine whether we in HR can control these things. Whether CEO’s in a market driven economy and the prevailing political environments, be able to control some of these actions, is doubtful.

You need to be in the driver's seat of your career. To enhance your professional career unless you're in control you will be consumed.

So how can you take control and create the future you want?

'Employability' is the ultimate job security. This means treating your career as if it's your own small business. You, as the vendor, must maintain marketable products, which are your skills, and continuously demonstrate your value to your employer, the customer.

Also, as a human resources professional, you need to help all of the employees in your organization to develop this mindset.

So what can you do to ensure your employability?

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself to ensure future career success.


Do you know what you contribute?


If your job was open, would you get it?


What would you do if your job disappeared tomorrow?


Are you learning?


Do the key players in your organization know who you are and what you contribute?


Do you know where you are going and how to get there?

Having a career plan will give you greater control over your future. Most importantly, it enables you to position yourself to recognize and capitalize on the myriad of opportunities that the changing world of work offers to those who choose to control their own destiny.

Companies can no longer guarantee your job security. However, you can affect your employability, which is the key to a successful career. Career planning and management is an effective strategy to prepare for the uncertainties of today's world of work. Remember that the overall aim of career management is to put you in control of your own career and, ultimately, your future.

Humanizing the workplace: A logical approach and a practical goal.

We need to re-examine our focus and to reengineer our companies with a new perspective. Humanizing the workplace is an idea whose time has come. And we’re the ones to lead the change in this direction. Because we’re the ones who can best understand and advance these ideas, we must descend into a more balanced perspective of ourselves. We must have the willingness to be reflective and to explore who we are, from the inside out. As we begin to explore this new experience, we’ll begin to model the new attitudes that our employees so deeply desire.

What an incredible opportunity we have to be true leaders, coaches and mentors to our organizations. It doesn’t mean we can’t be technical. But it does mean we must balance that linear part of ourselves with gentleness. Our analytical minds are more effective when they’re balanced with reflection and creativity. We’re faced with more change, both in the workplace and in the world, than ever before. We often feel like we’re being overtaken with new technology and new tasks to handle. And it’s an acceleration that’s only going to increase in the future.

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Re: Are You Committing Yourself to becoming...

In this business world I believe that custmar  is to be included in HR Stretegy
as he is the Boss

Amit oza
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Re: Are You Committing Yourself to becoming...

Raman, that's really inspiring! You are absolutely right by saying that in today's world of cut throat competition, we need to be in the driver's seat of our careers. Constant updation of our skills and marketing yourself is the key thing to survive in organizations today.



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Re: Are You Committing Yourself to becoming...


     This One thing V well said By You..We need ourselves to be placed  in the Drivers Seat....following the Recession Times..if every Employee Thinks the Selfless Way and Act we could cope up the Scenario. Competition is even Tight Roping the Neck and We need to constantly Update the skills and Keep Abreast of the External Happenings and Being Competent by Good Planning and Honing Ones Own skills..we could sail through any Troubled Waters

November 3, 2009 05:415
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Re: Are You Committing Yourself to becoming...

i would say..whether you need a job or to save your job or to progress in our job ...we need to update ourselves time to time. And try to create a possible learning environment in the organisation which floats a positive energy among the teams and the synergy works ultimately



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