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Chrm Message From: madure Total Posts: 278 Join Date: 06/06/2006
Rank: Coach Post Date: 13/08/2006 20:39:06 Points: 1440 Location: Sri Lanka

“My son Justin was born with Cerebral Palsy. At first we were worried about how he would adjust to being different from those around him, but Justin's determination, warm smile, and zest for life have brought admiration and appreciation from everyone with whom he comes in contact.”

Justin's first love is baseball. For several years he has played with the Miracle League, which is a league of kids with physical and mental challenges that have the opportunity, thanks to a specialized field provided by various donors, to play baseball. They have “angels” that help push their wheelchairs along the bases, parents and families constantly cheering them on, and fans that come from miles around just to see them play. No one keeps score, everyone gets to bat and everyone wins.

“When Justin is on the baseball field, he is part of a team like all of his friends and is treated just like any other kid. Through this experience, he has been able to discover his unique talents instead of focusing on his disabilities. He has realized that his disease does not have to limit what he can accomplish. Justin is incredibly strong and he has taught me that life is a journey with endless opportunities to become more than what we are.” 

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