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Explaining OD to Management

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Explaining OD to Management


Coming to your query, we need to really know 'What do OD professionals do in an organization'. Ironically, the application of OD in workplaces is not recognized, even in some HR departments and companies. However, summarizing my past experiences, the OD professionals carry the following tasks :-

• Leadership and team development
• Ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time for the right function
• Organizational design
• Learning development, training and consultation
• Managing and disseminating knowledge
• Facilitation and conflict handling

These days, OD is being applied to Strategy, Leadership, Design, Learning, and Relationships. The overall aim is to provide a clear framework for linking people with purpose. Also citing few more issues raised, the organizations reqiure OD initiatives for the following :-

• To change the perception that a “leader” is someone at the top of an organization.
• To create functionality between policies and procedures, and formal structure.
• To help define and nurture new partnerships.
• To think about how to really add value, and to partner with organizations to help think about the role of employees in adding value.
• To attract and retain human resources in a competitive labour market.

However, the work of OD provides a systematic way for dealing with these complexities.