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Controlling & Overcoming Attrition
Human Resources » Attrition and Retention

Chrm Message From: poojasharma Total Posts: 55 Join Date: 14/08/2006
Rank: Manager Post Date: 23/08/2006 01:04:52 Points: 275 Location: United States

Dear Colleagues,

Can anyone plz share their ideas on how to overcome and control the attrition in an organization, as i am currently doing a project on the same.


Pooja Sharma

Chrm Message From: sanjay04 Total Posts: 57 Join Date: 14/08/2006  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 23/08/2006 03:05:37 Points: 285 Location: United States

Dear Pooja,

I agree that high attrition rates have always affected organizations in a big way. Therefore, it is always suggested that if the employees are ‘taken care of’ then this problem can be restricted to quite an extent. In some cases also, incentives/perks and some special facilities are bestowed on the employees to ensure that the employees stay back.

First of all, I would say that ;

· It is very important to know and understand as to why people decide to leave the organization. Is it a certain discontent in any area that is forcing them to take this drastic step? Coz in that case it might grow to an extreme level within the other members and peers as well.

Secondly, money is not the only issue when members within the organization look for a change. Also, job dissatisfaction and stagnation are the key issues that may prompt an employee within the organization to look for an opportunity. As far as my experience goes, Mentoring and career planning opportunities have played a major role in controlling attrition rates, as also job rotation wherein the interests and strengths of the employees are taken care of. The only fact being that there should always prevail a sense of ownership and job satisfaction amongst all. Once the sense of ownership & job satisfaction is achieved, the employees also get an opportunity to set right their goals and objectives in line with the career objectives. The organization can then look forward to providing right opportunities to the right employees at the right time.

Once the employees are clear on the career path, then attrition can be controlled to much an extent. As well, with career planning and mentoring, attrition rates can definitely be controlled. Also, an environment that gives an employee an opportunity to learn are essential in any organization development activity since any individual at any point of time is in a learning process and hates tasks that are too monotonous and behind the present strategies and technologies implemented by other organizations.

Last, the performance of each member has to be given due credit since any human always craves for appreciation. Since, it is this where the employee derives the sense of security and also a satisfaction of being an integral part of within the organization.

Summing up, to control the attrition and to align for growth, focus on contribution areas of the employees.

Hope this suffices and helps in your project...

Chrm Message From: tesmian Total Posts: 63 Join Date: 14/08/2006  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 23/08/2006 04:45:13 Points: 315 Location: United States

As the struggle for reducing the employee attrition rates in the knowledge-based organizations intensifies, the rise in methods to increase the self esteem of the employees can well be the answer for HR executives all over the world .The few measures to raise the self-esteem of the employees thus oevercoming attrition  are:

Recognizing the contributions of outstanding achievers will induce others to try hard.

Criteria for selecting outstanding achievers should be transparent.

Effective HR measures in the areas of training, career development etc. equip the workforce better on the professional front and also increases their self-esteem confidence, morale and motivation.

Napolean once observed about his soldiers that, they are able because they think they are able..



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