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If Leader doesn't uphold Values, Who else will ?
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Dear Friends,

In a leadership role, we may have to make sacrifices sometimes to uphold values. And the leader may not have choices. If the leader does not uphold the value, who else will ?

There was a king who was respected by one and all in his kingdom.Besides getting the respect for being a king, he was seen as a role model by his people.

The king had a black horse and was very fond of it. On all important occasions, the king used to ride the black horse.The king had a practice to go for an early morning round around his kingdom,all alone, riding this black horse.

In the adjacent kingdom, there lived a bandit, who had seen this black horse. He wanted to have the horse but he knew that it was not possible to have it because it belonged to the king.

The bandit made a plan and laid a trap.

Knowing the morning round route of the king, the bandit covered himself in a blanket and sat on the way where the king had to pass. As soon as he saw the king coming , riding his black horse, the bandit started moaning and sobbing. He addressed the king " Ohh king, I am a sick man.I am very poor. Nobody helps me. I have known you to be a very kind king, always helping the needy people. Will you please give me a lift on your horse and drop me at a distance of kilometer where I live."

The king readily got down from the horse, embraced the sick looking bandit and put him on horse back.As the king prepared himself to go up the horse back, the bandit kicked him away, removed his blanket and gave a big laugh. He said, " my dear king, you must have heard my name. I am a known bandit and live in the adjacent kingdom. I wanted to have this horse and I knew that you will not part with it.So , this was the only way to to stop and listen to what the king had to say. have it." The bandit pulled strings to make the horse move ahead. But the king asked him

The king said, " it is OK that you have snatched the horse from me and taking it away. But I have only one request to make. Please donot tell anyone about the method which you adopted.If you publicise it, people will stop believing and helping the needy, the sick and the poor"

Warm Regards,


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