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Dear Friends,

When was the last time you smiled graciously at the word ‘recruitment’? For a long time Human Resource management has suffered due to the lack of productivity tools. This is no longer the case.

The process of selecting the right candidate used to involve an extensive short-listing process. This exercise proved to be tedious and cumbersome to the HR executive. With the information technology boom, there are innumerable tools to help HR Managers zero-in on the right candidate.

One such tool is the online testing mechanism- a program that allows candidates to take a test depending on their area of competence. The results are then automatically calculated and if the candidate’s score is high, he is short-listed. Since all the tests are automated there is no need for intervention from the HR executive.

Another handy resume software picks up only the details specified by the HR manager from the employees’ profiles and leaves out the rest. This software has the power to help store resumes for further reference and has a smart and effortless way of retrieving them at a later stage. This means that the system can be taught to find applicants with the specified educational background or functional field, and to report and summarise the details.

The software also automatically tracks applicants and their qualifications at the click of a mouse. It uses the job description as a starting point for specifying the parameters to search a job database.

What better tools does one need than these technologically advanced products. For employers with good practices, novel practices such as Internet recruiting and the use of resume-searching software do not pose risks. Many job sites provide similar services to their clients in addition to getting resumes to their advertisement.

So if you want to stay up-to-the-minute, try leveraging the best responses by using the latest technologies and you will be smiling the next time the word ‘recruitment’ comes to your mind!

Warm Regards,


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