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5 Step Destress
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Chrm Message From: sanjay04 Total Posts: 57 Join Date: 23/08/2006
Rank: Manager Post Date: 13/10/2006 00:17:58 Points: 285 Location: United States

We often get stressed out juggling between personal and professional commitments, but we need to remember the fact that we need to destress our body to regain the vigour and energy on a continous basis. We can follow just these five steps and keep stress at bay.

1. Atleast once during the day, take 5 - 10 minutes to sit quietly and do nothing.

2. Laugh Out Loud

3. When you face a daunting task, play soothing music to relax our senses.

4. Get up from your desk or  whereever you may be - and take a 10 minute walk.

5. Right before bed, and after the alarm goes off in the morning, take 5 minutes to relax your entire body. 



Chrm Message From: maheshp Total Posts: 2 Join Date: 23/08/2006  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 19/02/2010 16:54:49 Points: 10 Location: United States

Hi sanjay

You ve given nice tips for relaxation.

Buy one can take the help of like:



3.Professsional & Personal life should be kept different.

4.Habit of reading comic/jokes

5.Always try to be in peaceful mind




Chrm Message From: srirambiyer Total Posts: 1 Join Date: 23/08/2006  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 04/04/2010 16:56:36 Points: 5 Location: United States
Thanks for the tips!  One thing all of should practice is also when on road, if someone honks, immediately we react and the adrenalin is pumped raising our pressure.  Lets think that the person is honking at someone else becos we are on the right track.  If they still continue to irritate, just laugh within yourself on their immaturity.  If you are not able to still overcome easier way as a friend of mine taught me, put up a sticker which can be read, PLEASE OVERTAKE, LADIES FIRST! You wouldnt hear any more honking!  One of those ways to destress on the way to work!

Have a pleasant week ahead!