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Situational Factors in Recruitment
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Hello Team,

Nice to see the new website and the features. It seems chrm has already being recieving rave reviews, responses and attention from the industrial media. After few missed days from the website, and considering that recruitment is being talked of, let me put across this relevant writeup which I recently came across in a paper (excerpt)

Situational Factors in Recruitment
An overview of situational factors in recruitment :

1. Economic environment
- Demand and supply for skills 
- Sudden boom in specific sectors

2. Social environment
- Opportunities for growth
- Monetary compensation Image of the firm

3.Technological environment
- New technologies; new jobs
- Fight for rare skills 
- Equal employment opportunity 
- Reservations for special groups

4. Political environment 
- "Sons of the soil" policies 
- Displaced persons 
- Power of unions 
- Recommendations

5. Legal environment 
- Recruitment through employment exchanges 
- Obligations toward apprentices and contract labor 
- Factories Act and Child Labor Act, Bonded Labor

Hope this adds value to our recruitment reservoir of resources and to the colleagues individually.

Prof Tandon

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