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Changing Behavioral Perceptions

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Changing Behavioral Perceptions

Dear All ,

A lot of people come complaining of bad mood , depression , mental fatigue and the like . Very few complain about zest , great energy and enthusiasm . Nobody complains that I am feeling great today .One of the reason is we do not really understand what all these terms mean . What we know about these terms are their dictionary meanings and these too are understood only intellectually .

When asked what do you mean by having bad mood , most are stopped in their tracks . We really do not know . Only thing we want to do is come out of that state . And for that we or the others around us will do anything and go to any length . It could easily be a signal from the body to lie low for some time , take less strain , or to let go but we will not look for the message . We will take the envelope and ignore the letter there .

This is a state that is beautifully elaborated in the book Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle .