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Productivity Issue

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Productivity Issue

Dear Colleagues,

We are facing some productivity issues in our company. Our engineers are working on some project. They were asked to pre-pone the delivery date but managers say that their team members are too burdened, but actually it has been observed that some of them spend a lot of time in leisure activities during and after office hours. I feel that we have disguised unemployment in our company. I don’t know how should I increase the productivity of my employees and make sure that everybody’s potential is used at the max.

Looking forward to have inputs/suggestions from HR/ People’s experts.


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Re: Productivity Issue

Hello tashu & colleagues,

Actually this issue can be solved by making an appropriate job description for every position. The job description should cover several points such as:

- Job Purpose/ Summary
- Principles Accountability
- Organization chart
- Dimensions
- Working relationship
- Decision making authority
- Job holder requirement

On the dimension, you could setup the dimension of the achievement target in line with principles accountability to be performance indicator.

As long as the employee understand their principles accountability and dimension, they will be busy in achieving those target since that would impact on their performance report.


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