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MBA Recommendation in India/Asia Region

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MBA Recommendation in India/Asia Region

Hi All, 
Which are the top five Indian universities good in MBA or in the ASIAN region (Thailand, Phillipine, Malaysia)?  
Anyone particularly offering online/distant MBA?


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Re: MBA Recommendation in India/Asia Region


The premier institutes in India are the IIM's -

- Indian Institute of Managment (Ahmedabad)
- Indian Institute of Managment (Calcutta)
- Indian Institute of Managment (Bangalore)
- XLRI - Jamshedpur
- Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management (Mumbai)
- SP Jain, Mumbai
- Narseemonjee Institute of Management Studies (Mumbai)
- Faculty of Management Studies, (New Delhi)
- Indian Institute of Managment (Lucknow)
- Indian Institute of Managment (Kozhikode)

and there a many more B Schools where there is just a thin line dividing them.

For the IIM's and some of the other institutions, one need to take the CAT (Common Entrance Test) which is normally during the end of the year. The competition is high, un-imaginably high, and the exam is tough too. It is followed by a Group Discussion and personal interview in case one qulifies.

Students who pass out of the premier insitutes get plum jobs which fetches them high salaries. For instance one of them who passed out of the IIM (Ahmedabad) this year hs secured a job with StanCahrt, UK fetching him US 156,000. People who come out of these institutes can look forward to being employed by some of the best names world over. IIM (Ahmedabad) is ranked among the top ten business schools in the world.

XLRI has its own admissina test and proceedures after that are the same - group discussion, personal interviews.

The other business school that is rising fast and is earning a place for itself is the Indian School of Business at Hyderabad. Theprocess for admissin is the scores on TOFEL, GMAT. You have an group discussion and interview. What I understand is it is very important that you make a good statement of purpose, which is one of the factors that enables your getting a call.

Most business school have people who work for a few years and then take a break to resume studies and enhance their careers. Getting admitted in business schools in India is a tough proposition as you will be one among quarter of a million bright people.

Apart from these managment schools you have sectoral schools like :-

IRMA - Institute of Rural Management
TIS - Tata Institute of Social Sciences
IFTD - Institute of Foreign Trade Development
MICA - Mudra Institute of Communications and Advertising

and all have their own written tests, group discussions and personal interviews before admission.

Apart from the many in India in the Asean Region the best known is the Aisan Institute of Managment. It is a premier institute too, but am not too sure about the admission process. You might visit their website for details.

This is about some information I have readily with me.