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Key Talent Management
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Chrm Message From: shaolin Total Posts: 28 Join Date: 16/11/2006
Rank: Executive Post Date: 19/11/2006 23:05:54 Points: 140 Location: United States

Dear All,

I Need some help in Key Talent Management . Few things like give them challenging projects,changes in salary structure ,perks etc. I have added from various sources and articles all you have sent but I am looking for some more additions and also if you have some policy in place for the same, it would add a lot of value.


Chrm Message From: vijayraj Total Posts: 41 Join Date: 16/11/2006  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 19/11/2006 23:08:34 Points: 205 Location: United States

Rewards is an angle to key talent management. Recognition is the key angle for key talent management

Some recognition strategies are :

Change Job Titles --- Some Eg Consultants , Associate Head, Principle Mentor, Knowledge Head, Strategic Head

Give them certificates or medals for extraordinary performance

Flash their performance in leading journals --now he will be identified more with the Brand than his own Individual ability

Create provisions for all paid trip

Make him inevitable for the company and also explain him in the right way

Create Profit share and increase accountability

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