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Chrm Message From: kjhaveri Total Posts: 26 Join Date: 14/11/2006
Rank: Executive Post Date: 19/11/2006 23:14:34 Points: 130 Location: India

Dear Team

For the past few days , I am working on a topic called Intentions and I came across this story in one of the books , I feel many of you might know this , but I would like to analyze this following angle.

There was a traveler , who was traveling in the middle of a Forest, he felt tired and thirsty and he wanted to take rest, and he had short nap under a tree, his thoughts started traveling thro his dreams , he wondered

Oh I am very thirst ,how beautiful it would be if I could get some water, suddenly water started pouring from the tree ,

After some time he felt like having food , delicious dishes arrived infront of him, then he felt like sleeping in a silk bed

Again a silk bed came, then came wine, fresh fruits, chill breeze.............. the list continued
Suddenly the man came to his real senses and he felt , oh Iam all alone in this forest what will happen if a tiger eats me alive

and there he saw a tiger approaching him..........


As you think , it will happen

My Analysis

The above man in the story is cautious....

He has satisfied Maslow's need hierarchy theory

Danger zone Self Esteem and Self Actualization

Friends, life is like that

when we need some thing very badly we will get it , but as the days pass by we fail to realize the value of it , and our mind wanders for next higher thing , next,next,next,next......

as we continue growing we start accumulating things which we dont need and want , finally it becomes poison

Let us analyse why we need this

Let us think before every money we spend

Let us realize and be serious about every rupee we get

Let us give charity with pride , all the extra money we have

Less Luggage More Comfort ,Makes Life's Travel a pleasure


K Jhaveri

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