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Chrm Message From: shaolin Total Posts: 28 Join Date: 16/11/2006
Rank: Executive Post Date: 20/11/2006 04:02:52 Points: 140 Location: United States

Dear chrm'ites,

I was very tight in my work today , I thought of relaxing for few a few seconds and I was looking at the ceiling and some thing strange happened and the following thing happened and that made me write the life's beautiful quotes..

I saw two ants - carrying some thing which was very big compared to their size , but ,these two ants were carrying it so beautifully , their walk was full of joy, dance and swing.....

When you are loaded with lot of work in your life dont worry ,god is giving you work , because he knows you can do it, do it

They moved in such a way that inch by inch they synched

They were totally focused that their only goal was take the food to their place

When a serious work is entrusted on you march and march till you reach the destiny, never loose your attention

I saw one ant was constantly backing up the other and they were talking to each other the language of silence

The only thing you can share with your friends about your work is the work in the beginning and the success in the end

Remember everyone has their own work, never share work

I wanted to care for them and thought of taking them in my hands

But they were totally paralyzed and confused and they stopped for a moment and immediately they recouped

You need not be proactive in helping others and dont spoil their momentum too, if people need help they will come to you

all this happened in few seconds but , it was really refreshing and I am sharing it with you all immediately

Chrm Message From: aladin Total Posts: 38 Join Date: 16/11/2006  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 21/11/2006 00:56:43 Points: 190 Location: United States

That was an observation of the day for you (i guess) which is quite meaningful in its own way and the interpretation of the ant's analogue towards the work life has been worth appreciating.

The only lines that keep me pondering are 'if people need help, they will come to you'. In today's scenario, when we are always discussing about being and working as an effective team member, do we assume that we need to help people only if they approach us and never assist in lending them a hand which is what people are always expecting and which is never asked for often...

I think we need to think on this ; )

Over to the members for their thoughts on the same..



Chrm Message From: priyanka Total Posts: 86 Join Date: 16/11/2006  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 21/11/2006 00:59:06 Points: 430 Location: United States


I was thinking about what you wrote in your message. I think, it does happen that many a times, people feel embarassed asking for help, which is surely VERY WRONG!! I think if you really need help, you should not feel ashamed or embarassed to ask for same. In fact, my experience says that when you ask for help, that is appreciated because it shows that you are eager to learn.

Looking forward for your opinion.


Chrm Message From: Sophiya Total Posts: 33 Join Date: 16/11/2006  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 21/11/2006 01:02:39 Points: 165 Location: United States

You're quite right, you shouldn't feel ashamed to ask for help when you need it. But, thee are instances where people ask for help at the drop of a hat, and aren't willing to invest any little time to first try out how they can get what they seek before crying for help.

This probably can be done when we are observant, and keep our eyes open to the happenings around us and keep our ears n the ground. This would mean they need to meticulously keep a track of the postings, irrespective of who makes the posting and on the topic they make their posting. What you might consider as an off-topic issue might be
the one which you might be asking for help a few days or a few weeks later. This has happened to me more than once, when I'm asked or requested to fish out and make postings on some subjects.

To summarize the whole thing I would reiterate
1. we should not hesitate to seek help – only those who are thirsty go to the well
2. we should keep in touch for today we might ignore something which would be the same thing we would be searching for a little later – you must have the hunger in your tummy (brain) and keep feeding it regularly.


Sophiya Grenber

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