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How Promote-Able are You ?

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How Promote-Able are You ?

Dear Colleagues,

Answer the following questions ticking things you are most likely to do (not what you would like to see yourself doing). Then find out if you are worth what you aspire to be.

1. Your view on the position you ought to occupy post promotion:

a. You have analysed the job and are honing the skills required.

b.You know the new position but it is more of the same work with added pay and post.

c. God knows! You have been here long enough and work like a dog. High time you are promoted!

2. When it comes to being chosen to go for an introductory meeting with an important new client, you:

a. Don't know if you will be called. All you care about is that you will be the one answerable if something goes wrong.

b. Are very likely to be asked to take charge. You find yourself getting many new prestigious tasks.

c. Try and go for the meeting and take off for the rest of the day!

3. In the office popularity poll you are likely to be known as:

a. The one who is not especially friendly with most people but to whom most people come for advice.

b. The grasshopper. You are the fun person everyone loves.

c. Everyone is scared of you because of your skills, connections and ability.

4. In your current position you aim to be:

a. Training people under you to be as effective as you have been.

b. Indispensable! Nothing moves without you in the department.

c. The root of all troubles! The most disruptive influence.

5. When you say 'don't worry' in office, people think it means:

a. You are inviting them for a party, after bunking work.

b. To stop worrying and that the job would get done now.

c. Good words but not much else.

6. As far as your future in the organisation is concerned your boss's attitude seems to be:

a. Not really worried. S/he knows s/he can count on you to be there.

b. S/he has discussed your future with you. And seems rather bright with some constructive criticism.

c. The boss thanks Good if s/he sees you the next day. Who cares about the future?

7. Your job description did not involve certain things that you need to do now. Your reaction is:

a. You were never told about these things and you would like to either stop doing them or quit.

b. Never mind, that is how jobs are. But you need one, no matter what.

c. You try and do the assignments that were not mentioned but make sure you have a talk with the boss so he understands that they were not part of the brief.

8. On a festival, your ideal greetings to your office people includes:

a. Always a mithai box and some gift to the boss. Happy Diwali to the rest of the world!

b. You don't believe in bribes, so no sweets, only greetings.

c. You would ideally buy a boxful for everyone and distribute it.

9. If your immediate boss is not there, and you are called for an important office meeting in his absence your reaction is:

a. You go but stay in the background and defer any opinions to the boss.

b. You prepare as much as possible and be ready for whatever may come up in the meeting.

c. Anyway, you are just there as a proxy face, so why bother?

10. In an office meeting, your role is:

a. You see what everyone else is doing and be nice to the boss.

b. You take initiative often and bring up issues that no one else would dare to.

c. The friendly neighbourhood.

Scoring Key


Q no. A B C
1. a = 15 b = 10 c = 5
2. a = 10 b = 15 c = 5
3. a = 15 b = 10 c = 5
4. a = 15 b = 5 c = 10
5. a = 10 b = 15 c = 5
6. a = 5 b = 15 c = 10
7. a = 10 b = 15 c = 5
8. a = 5 b = 10 c = 15
9. a = 10 b = 15 c = 5
10. a = 5 b = 15 c = 10


For you a promotion is not a likely offshoot of your work but a reflection of how well you play your cards. Be careful, you may end up antagonising peers and the bosses may wisen up to your games! You might like to try the parliament as a workplace!

You do your work but you are scared of responsibility. You would be an unlikely candidate for promotion since added perks always mean added responsibility. Push yourself ahead and do more than what the job requires and you may make it.

You are a great candidate for promotions. You have mastered the art of being accepted by your peers, approved of by the boss and noticed by the upper management. With your eye on the goal, the only sin you need to watch out for is workaholism!

Was that not a promoteable article


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Re: How Promote-Able are You ?

Thank you very much for this questionnaire.  Besides being a "mirror", it also gives us right data for self development.