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Employee Relations (Peer Recognition)
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Chrm Message From: barkhadoshi Total Posts: 46 Join Date: 17/08/2006
Rank: Executive Post Date: 27/11/2006 02:26:08 Points: 230 Location: United States

Dear Colleagues, 

We are a start up company with 65 employees on board, we would like to go ahead with the Peer Recognition awards.

I would like to work out the details such as:

1) What should be the structure of the award ?

2) What should be the frequency – (monthly, quarterly etc.) ?

3) What should be the selection procedure and criteria ?

Please help me out in this .


Barkha Doshi

Chrm Message From: raghu Total Posts: 51 Join Date: 17/08/2006  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 27/11/2006 02:47:42 Points: 255 Location: United States

Hi Barkha,

I'm working with a BPO and we have the following incentive plans:

1. Incentive Policy- Variable Income Component (VIC)
Customer Care Executives
To reward CCEs that drive individual & team performance to meet and exceed target levels
•Variable Incentive Component (VIC) to be based on monthly performance against:
– -Team level targets of the process and
– -Targets allocated to individual CCEs in the process
Selection Procedure
•Based on CTQ’s and Targets Communicated Monthly
•Incentives only for Ratings ME and above
•Incremental Incentive for Enabling Team to meet Target
Qualifying Criteria
• 0 Unscheduled Leaves
• Maximum 2 Scheduled leaves in a month

2. Individual Performance- Par Excellence
Objective: Reward best individual performance in each process.
Eligibility: CCE/ Sr. CCE with at least EE performance.
How does the process work: Managers to nominate/ recommend and functional Leader/
Head to decide on the nominations/ recommendations.
Award details:
•Rs. 2000/- in cash to the nominated individual. Amount paid along with salary.
•Display of name on the notice board and an Appreciation letter/ Certificate.
•Every month.

3. Team Baxy- Par Excellence
Objective: To reward teams displaying beyond expectations sustained performance,
initiative and team work significantly impacting growth, productivity, employee satisfaction and quality.
Eligibility: CCE/ Sr. CCE.
How does the process work: Managers to nominate/ recommend and functional Leader/
Head to decide on the nominations/ recommendations.
Award details:
Rs. 500/- per team member for a team outing/ party or any other team building activity. Teams to spend and produce bills to the Finance department for reimbursement.
•Display of name/s on the notice board and an Appreciation letter/ Certificate.
Frequency: Quarterly

Hope it helps...



Chrm Message From: paladin Total Posts: 31 Join Date: 17/08/2006  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 12/05/2012 11:33:44 Points: 155 Location: United States

I'm going to answer in the reverse order of your question:

3. The selection process should include a nomination process which includes all employees, and the reasons for the nomination, to a maximum of 3,  if there is an aggrigate workforce.  If the workforce is divided by Department, then one candidate from each Department should be nominated. The nomination should be confidential, with a secure "nomination box" located in the break room, or other convenient place.

At the second level, a committe of 3 Managers will assess the nominees and make recommendations to the Senior Staff.  In the case of an aggrigate workforce, there will be one selectiion; if by Department, there  could be a winner in each Department, although that is not guaranteed.


2.  With such a small workforce, I think a quarterly, or a semi-annual award would be appropriate.


1. The award structure should not only recognize the employee, but also the spouse/"significant other".  Let the employee choose - Dinner, theatre, sports event, etc. - with a maximum allowable cost of ?? ( $150 $300 ).

In addition, a plaque - (?)  "Valued Employee" - with the employee's name engraved on a small metal tag, displayed in the company lobby..

Hope this helps.  If you have questions, feel free to contact me at


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