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Serving Others : Pay Heed to Customers
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Southwest Airlines magazine carried an article about computer magnate Michael Dell, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in our country.

Dell explained the success of his company and believes they are and will continue to be successful because of their unique relationships with their customers.

He stated, "As long as we continue to pay heed to what our customers tell us they want, and deliver products and services that are meaningful to them, and that they deliver superior value, we will continue to be successful."

I might point out this is not a new concept or idea, but, unfortunately, too many people and companies have lost the service concept.

Many years ago Henry Ford stated that if we give truly outstanding service and genuinely care about the people we serve, our profits will be embarrassingly large. Two thousand years ago the Carpenter from Galilee stated that "He who would be the greatest among you must become the servant of all."

When we put the other person's feelings and needs above our own, amazingly enough our needs will be met big-time. Those people who do the right thing, and often the nice thing, are the ones who not only are the most successful in their businesses but happier in their personal lives as well.

... Adapted from the excerpts of Zig's book Staying Up, Up, Up In A Down, Down World.

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