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Does Management Know Their Staff ?

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Does Management Know Their Staff ?

On walking into the company, the CEO noticed a young guy leaning Against the wall, doing nothing. He approached the young man and calmly said to him, How much do you earn?"

The young man was quite amazed that he was asked such a personalquestion, he replied, none the less, "I earn Dhs. 2 000.00 a month, Sir. Why?"

Without answering, the MD took out his wallet and removed Dhs. 6000.00 cash and gave it to the young man and said, "Around here I pay people for working, not for standing around looking pretty! Here is 3 months' salary, now GET OUT and don't come back".

The young man turned around and was quickly out of sight.

Noticing a Few onlookers, the MD said in a very upset manner, "And that applies for everybody in this company". He approached one of the onlookers and asked him, "Who 's the young man that I just fired ?"

To which an amazing reply came of, "He was the pizza delivery man, Sir!"

This abstract is for all the managers and senior professionals who often onlook their employees or probably dont even take the concern of knowing them. The damage can be highly fatal for the organization as well the work.

What say !!

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Re: Does Management Know Their Staff ?

The given anecdote presents the importance of the given topic. It answers why the Management should know their employees and not knowing can be problematic. Every Employer employee relationship should be essentially symbiotic and as it is if the management does not know the employee how can we even assume that a relationship exists.