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Door of Opportunity

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Door of Opportunity

Dear Friends,

Success often shows its face after many altercations of failures. But do we believe in the phrase " failures are stepping stones to success.." I strongly go with this phrase since it has been true in many instances with several people.

People often wait for success to knock their doors without realising the fact that they have already visited several doors of failures, entered them, struggled thru and passed off in the hunt for the right door to success or opportunity and they've reached there. Just to cite an extension to this verbiage, read the article abstract below...

As the story goes, Frank Sinatra got his big break while working as a waiter. One day, as he was waiting tables, who does he see sitting in the restaurant, but one of the biggest names in the music industry. Old Blue Eyes did the unbelievable: He cleared off a table next to the gentleman and got up on it and sang! He knew he was done at the restaurant for doing so, but how many times would this door of opportunity open up? Needless to say, the rest is history.

Do everything you can to be ready. Don't just sit and wish and dream. Be proactive and make sure that you are the most qualified when the door opens. Make sure that you are the hardest worker. Make sure you are the closest to the door.

Shhh. Do you hear that? Hinges creaking! It is the sound of the door opening. Your door of opportunity! Are you ready?