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Mahatma Gandhi as HR Professional
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Dear Friends

This is a story of our great freedom fighter of India :

During the days of freedom fighting, when Gandhiji, Vallabhbhai Patel and Mahadevbhai Desai were in a 'Yarwada Jail', Gandhiji was emphasizing the word 'Training' to all the persons who were in the jail. It has been observed that, in every area of discussion, he use the word 'Training' and emphasized that, everyone should be trained for future challenges of the nation, there is a need to train youngsters of the nation for freedom fighting.

By its frequent use, the mind of Vallabhbhai Patel conditioned about the word 'Training" and he had started to understand it for the better cause of nation.

On one day, in the night, after the discussion, when Gandhiji said that, now I am going to sleep, then Sardar Patel replied that,

yes, yes, it is important to train yourself because one day everyone must have to sleep for a lifetime (i.e. death), so it is better to train yourself for the same......

after this incidence everyone laughed a lot, but the need has been realized by every person to train the second line under them and guide others (as a leader) for the noble cause of nation, Vallabhbhai Patel has mold him in the new role and initiated a movement called "Bardoli Satyagrah' which has established himself as a 'Sardar' of the nation. rest of the history we all are aware......

Morale of the Story
The need of Training had been well recognized by the great freedom fighters for their goal of independent India, this story guides us that, it is important for every person to follow the successors and their words and also it is important for the leader to identify the potential leader from his team and train them for the goal of the organization.

HR was always persistent long ago, just the term was coined few years back.


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