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Career Planning & Development

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Career Planning & Development

Hi all,

I am a management student and need to submit a write-up on 'Career Planning"

I have the following questions -

1. Is it same as development programs ?
2. Why the organizations are moving towards this approach to focus concern with the career development of the employees ?
3. What is the difference between career planning & development ?

The suggestions shall be really helpful.

Thanks & Regards,


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Re: Career Planning & Development

Hello Barkha,

Career Planning is a relatively new personnel function. Established programmes on Career Planning are still rare except in larger or more progessive organisations.

Many of today's workers have high expectations about their jobs. There has been a general increase in the concern of the quality of life. Workers expect more from their jobs than just income. A further impetus to creer planning is the need for organizations to make the best possible use of their most valuable resources-people-in a time of rapid technological growth and change.

A career has been defined as the involving sequence of a person's experiences over time. It is viewed as fundamentally a relationship between one or more organisations and the individual. To some a career is a carefully worked out plan for self advancement to others it is a calling- a life role to others it is a voyage to self discovery and to still others it is life itself.

Aims and Objectives of Career Planning:
Career Planning aims at matchign individual potential for promotion and individual aspirations with organizational needs and oppurtunities. Career Planning is making sure that the organization has the right people with the right skills at the right time. In particular it indicates what training and development would be necessary for advancing in the career alterign the career path or staying in the current position. Its focus is on future needs adn oppurtunities and removal of stagnation, obsolescence, dissatisfaction of the employee .

In the process it opens avenues for growth to higher levels of responsibilities for each adn every employee of the organization through hierarchy of position and training and development activities to equip the individuals with the requisites fir succession.

The principal objective of career planning are:

(1) To secure the right man at teh right job and at the right time.
(2) To maintain a contended team of employees.

Role of Career Planning:
(1) It motivates employees to grow.
(2) It motivates employees to avail training and development
(3) It increases employees loyalty as tehy feel organization cares about them through career plan for them. So they integrate their goals with the organization goals.
(4) Encourage employee to remain in orgaization.
(5) Organization image as better employment market.
(6)It contributes to man power planning as well as organizational development adn effective achievement of corporate goals.
(7) It helps employee in thinking of long term involvement with organisation.
(8) Career Planning provides general scenario of career oppurtunities in organisation.
(9) It gives an idea of direction towards growth.
(10) Builds pathways for employee.

I'm covering only the important points..



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Re: Career Planning & Development

Below are the answers to your query :


The answer is NO. DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS are tools used in the career planning and development of employees.

Development is concerned with a broader subject matter of a conceptual or theoretical nature and the development of personal attitudes. It comprises all learning experiences,
both on and off the job, including formal, classroom training.


1.Broadens the employees' interests / awareness.

2. Broadens the employees' business perspectives.

3.Exposes the employees' to new avenues of management thoughts.

4.Prepares the employees' for greater responsibility.

5.Permits employees' to greater interaction internal/external channels.

6.Helps to prepare employees' for promotions within the organization.

7.Helps to prepare the employees' for additional responsibilities.

8.Helps to provide employees' with modern practices/ techniques.

9. Helps the employees' to share ideas concepts with others.

10. Helps the employees' to accept / manage new technologies.

11.Helps the employees' to accept / manage new processes.

12.Helps the employees' to accepts / manage new culture.

13.Helps the employees' to accepts / manage new OD programs. etc etc.


There are a number of factors , which are affecting growing organizations.
-to keep talents within the organization.
-to reduce attrition of skilled people.
-to retain skilled staff.
-to promote talents within the organization.
-it is a career path in succession planning. etc etc.




Career Planning is the roadmap for the employees to progress in their career within the organization.

For the roadmap to succeed and achieve the end results, it needs input which will help the employees to grow/develop. These inputs comes in the form of
-training programs
-development programs
-executive development programs
-business coaching
-counseling etc.



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Re: Career Planning & Development

Organizational Initiatives in Career Planning and Development

Job Posting System: It is an organized process that allows employees to apply for open positions within the organisation. They can respond to announcements and postings and then be considered along with the external candidates.

Mentoring Activities: Mentoring systems can clarify the ambiguous expectations of the organisation, provide objective assessment of the strengths and weakness of the employees and provide a sounding board for participants.

Career Resource Centers: The center offers self directed, self paced learning and provides resources without creating dependence on the organisation

Managers as Career Counselors: Managers can make realistic appraisals of organisational opportunities. They can use information from the past performance evaluation to make realistic suggestions concerning career planning.

Career development workshop: It is designed to encourage employees to take responsibilities for their careers.

Human Resource Planning and forecasting: From the analysis and needs, priorities can be determined and human resource can be allocated to satisfy the existing future needs through career management.

Performance Appraisal: It is a tool for HRD which can be used to guide and direct future growth opportunities for employees. This aids in the development of an employee’s career as well as enhance communications and understanding.

Career Path: It is a sequencing of work experiences, usually different job assignments, in order to provide employees with the opportunity to participate in many aspects of a professional area. For e.g. in order for a salesperson to move up the ladder to regional manager, it is important that the employee understands all aspects of the job.

Steps in Career Planning and Development Process

Step 1: Self Assessment: Knowing about the strengths and weakness about own helps an employee to check the various areas of exploring the career.

Step 2: Career Skills Assessment: Based on the individual strength, right fit for the right career is possible to sustain in the job for lifetime.

Step 3: Setting the career objective: The career skills assessment leads to set the desired career objective.

Step 4: Career Development Plan: Depending on the career objective the development plan is structured and further broken to sub division of plans

Step 5: Implement the plan: The clearer the development plan is, the easier it is for the employee to implement the same since the goal becomes clearer which helps to achieve the plan.

Step 6: Looking for Continuous growth: After achieving every step, review is a must based on which further growth in the career path is made possible.


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Re: Career Planning & Development

The steps are basic and manageable.