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Different Styles : Men & Women
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When we hear most about these differences, it is in situations where one group is being ignored. This occurs not only with gender, but with race, religion, culture, social strata, whether credentialed or not and many other distinctions that are easy to determine and that some people automatically use to exclude individuals who deserve the opportunity to make valuable contributions. Not only is this frustrating to individuals, but damaging to the success of organizations who depend on getting the best from everyone, not merely from a few superstars who fit the image.

Instead of emphasizing whether women are better at relationships or men are better at driving aggressive programs with intense single-mindedness, wouldn’t we be better off to encourage both to develop some respect and possibly even some skill in the areas they’re less adept at? Wouldn’t we be better at recognizing that no one individual is good at everything and that a team capable of respecting and including diverse skills sets is likely best of all?

Your views anticipated ??



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